Welcome to the home of the ICS EcoClub, the environmental conservation and restoration organization of Ivy Collegiate School! Please read about our students and their efforts below:

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Mr. Morgan

Mr. Roe


Everyone worked hard and did their best to do the work. We learned a lot of things and tried to find the tracks of animals. We also cleaned up trash. We cleaned up more than 15 bags of trash during 3 hours. All the ICS Eco club members are proud of themselves. We are very excited to do the next job.

ICS EcoClub's First Job

by Joe Chun and Matthew Park
[April 2022]

On April 9th, 2022, the ICS Eco Club did an amazing job with creating our brand new garden. On that Saturday, the Eco Club met on the school rooftop to do the gardening. EcoClub members were excited to participate even though we knew that it would be hard work and would smell terrible because of the fertilizer. During the 2 hours, we did a lot of fun things.


First of all, we dug the land to make a pond and to make a garden. We wanted to make
the pond to put living organisms there, and make an ecosystem. In order to do this, we had to
make the water clean. We tried to clean the water, but it didn’t work. We found a lot of worms
and grubs when we were digging.


Digging was a hard job but we got a lot of energy from Mr. Morgan’s dog, Dotty. We moved the stones, too. The Stones were interrupting the gardening so much, they were very heavy. We also found many ants and spiders. It was a little scary.


Second of all, we poured the water into the dug land. We needed much more water than we thought. The buckets of water we carried up to the roof probably weighed 1kg, but to the students it felt like 1t. After we poured the water we put fertilizer all over the garden.


It smelled more horrible than we thought it would, but the students did a great job. From that time, we realized that the level of the work is going up and up.

Last of all, we planted the seeds of many flowers and plants, and made fences to stop people from destroying the garden. Making the fence was not that hard. We just had to tie some bamboo sticks together with strings. At first, we were terrible at this, but soon, our skills became very good, and we finished the job very quickly


During these 2 hours we worked a lot. It was very hard and smelled horrible, but we all
did a great job doing this work. After we finished we felt very tired, but felt the sense of accomplishment more. All the Eco club members are excited to do the next job even though they know it’ll be hard, but we know that we are helping many insects and animals. It feels amazing that we have created our own small ecosystem. We can’t wait for the next job!

Cleaning the Grassland

by Joe Chun and Matthew Park
[June 2022]

On May 26th, 2022, ICS Eco club went to some wetlands near our school to learn about the biotic and abiotic factors in the area and also to clean it up.. All the Eco club members were excited even though the head of Eco club, Mr. Morgan told us that it will be mostly cleaning. Another teacher in the Eco club, Mr. Roe’s wife, also came! Our first location was the Shingok River, Cheongna. We worked for 1 hours over there! It was long, but very fun.


Firstly, when we arrived at Shingok river, Mr. Morgan taught us many things. For  example, how to make an ICS Eco club journal, how to check if the water is salty or not, and how to check if the water is healthy. After we learned all those things, we started to do a very fun thing.


Before we started on the main job, we checked how salty the water was, and it was brackish. We also checked if the water was healthy, and it was very healthy. It was perfect for many animals to live in. After we learned that it is perfect for animals to live in, we did a little bit of notetake. Our next step was to find animals’ tracks, and many interesting things.


We found a lot of animals’ tracks, such as a deer’s footprint, deer’s dung. We realized that there were some deers living there. We also found many interesting animals. Like, a green/brown snake believed to be a rat snake, small spiders, and many small fish. There were many interesting plants too, for example False indigos, vascular plants, dictos and Desert false indigo.


After we found tracks of animals, we went to a grassland near that river. Everyone was tired because they worked so much, so we had a short snack time. After we had snack time, we started to clean up the grassland. There was a lot of trash. Such as plastic bottles, plastic bowls and so on. We thought we cleaned most of the trash in the grassland, but Mr. Morgan told us that we only cleaned up about 2% of the total  trash.


We also found a lot of animals and their tracks there. We found deer's dung, a deer’s footprint, a white bird, a black bird, a yellow butterfly that has black tips, and so on. We concluded that the butterfly was an Eurema mandarina. We realized that the organisms get water from the river and live in the grassland.