Ivy Collegiate School was founded to serve hyper-curious students seeking an accelerated international curriculum and unique classroom challenges in a socially welcoming environment. At Ivy Collegiate School, we embrace a school culture that challenges, motivates, and inspires students to discover their passion and cultivates a strong sense of empathy. 

As a collegiate school, we view secondary schooling as the first stage on the path to a lifetime of learning and, accordingly, focus on giving students the best possible preparation for the next great leap in their educational career. While our primary goal is to instill a true spirit of scholarship, we believe this is better accomplished when students learn to see beyond themselves and their individual desires and opt to seek an authentic sense of social purpose. We are also a school that rewards effort over aptitude, as espoused by our school’s motto: Scientia ac Labore (“Through Knowledge and Hard Work”). The care and personal attention that our Faculty commit to each student is guided by these principles, and they use their classrooms to elevate the virtues of I: Intellectualism, C: Compassion, and S: Self-Reliance to the level of doctrine.

Our first and final mission is to facilitate, in every possible manner, the dreams and aspirations of everyone that passes through our doors that they might someday open doors for others.

Mr. Patrick Collins

Head of School




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