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Wellness Council

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The ICS Wellness Council is pleased to announce that the Spring 2022 collaborative fundraiser with students from Chadwick International ended successfully with a donation ceremony. We were able to donate 2,000,000 KRW to HopeBridge, the Association for National Disaster Relief, because of the support of our students, parents, faculty and staff, and community members. These funds will be used to help those suffering from the Covid fallout by providing first-aid kits, medical support kits, and emergency food supplies. We greatly appreciate the aid that you gave in helping our community.

ICS Wellness Council


구준모 Joonmo Kim
구하라 Hara Kim
권나희 Nahee Kwon
권도담 Dodam Kwon
권예진  Yeijin Kwon
김다솜  Dasom Kim
김민아   Mina Kim
김민준   Minjun Kim
성율      Yul Sung
안지유  Jiyoo Ahn 
엄도아   Doah Um
엄정원   Jungwon Um 
윤진수  Jinsu Youn
이기원   Giwon Lee
이아덴   Aden Lee
임찬호   Chanho Lim 
장서윤    Seoyun Jang
장희수   Heesu Jang
전소윤   Soyoon Jun
조수인   Sooin Cho
조인우  Inwoo Cho
패트릭   Patrick Collins

And anonymous donors

Thank you everyone!

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